YBAM Melaka State Liaison Committee was established in the year of 1977, which is the sixth SLC of YBAM. At that time, Melaka Seck Kia Eenh Sunday Dharma Class and Pusat Buddhisma Kemanusiaan Melaka joined YBAM as member organisation thereby forming the Melaka SLC. In the early 1980s, YBAM was actively involved in the Dharma propagation and training activities, which had indirectly contributed to the establishment of many Buddhist societies, such as The Bukit Beruang Buddhist Society, Simpang Ampat Buddhist Societies, Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kuala Sungai Baru, etc. It also includes Alor Gajah Buddhist Society and Masjid Tanah Buddhist Society. However, due to the conditions imposed by the donor of the land, the said Buddhist societies were converted to Malaysia Buddhist Association, Masjid Tanah Branch. Apart from Buddhist societies, there were also secondary school Buddhist societies joined YBAM as Member Organisation, which include Catholic High School, St. Francis’ Institution, SMK Tun Tuah, Malacca High School, and Gajah Berang Secondary School. Melaka SLC values the opportunities of students in learning Buddhism therefore formed a committee to take care and render assistance or guidance to Buddhist societies in Secondary Schools, which is the Young Buddhist Fellowship. Further, Melaka SLC also attaches great importance to the environment and progress of youth in the learning of the Dharma, therefore, organises activities such as leadership training camp for the students in secondary schools. Thereafter, due to the amendments of the Education Act, Buddhist societies in secondary schools were not allowed to join as member organisation. Melaka SLC follows the direction of YBAM, dedicates to serve the community and peoples of all ages. Until to date, Melaka SLC consists of 15 Member Organisations, which include Theravada, Mahayana, and Tibetan school of Buddhism.

Notable Activities

YBAM Night

Promoted and hosted by the Melaka SLC, the event is performed by Member Organisations, Dharma classes, and youth sections. The purposes of the event are to
(1) Promote exchange and strengthen the rapport between the SLC, Member Organisations as well as other Buddhist organisations.
(2) Provide a platform for youth sections of various Buddhist groups and children's Dharma classes to participate and showcase their talents.
(3) Promote Buddhist cultural activities and leverage this opportunity to bring residents of the local community to get closer to Buddhism, and to rediscover Buddhism, regardless of age groups.
Performances include drama, sign language, dance, group recreation activities, Buddhist hymns, and more.

Keep Running! Youth Games

The event is organised by the Melaka SLC, in the beginning, only members from the secondary school Buddhist societies participated, but later it evolved and became the sports day for primary and secondary school students, upon the request from teachers-in-charge of the Dharma classes in the state. The purposes of the event are to
(1) Unite young people and promote friendship.
(2) Provide youth with activities beneficial to body and mind.
(3) Improve the youth’s character qualities.
The events of the day include races (100 meters, 200 meters, and 400 meters), relay races, indoor football, tug-of-war, three-legged races, and so on.

Children Buddhist Day Camp

This activity is divided into two age ranges, Standard 1 to 3 and Standard 4 to 6. Day camp for standard 1 to 3 uses picture book storytelling as the principal method. The purposes are to allow children to understand the kindness of parents through the story featured in the picture book, to establish the values of family harmony for children, and to promote the idea of Dharma picture books. The day camp for Standard 4 to 6 will be held at venue nearby Member Organisations located in suburbs. The purposes of the event are to
(1) Let children feel, experience from the heart, learn to love themselves and others.
(2) Enhance children's interest in learning Buddhism through multiple methods.

Youth Group Recreation Activities Camp

YBAM has always been promoting youth activities that are beneficial to both mind and body, so that young people can learn to be more positive, progressive, and upbeat during the growth process. We also believe that game is a common language for everyone and a channel for conveying positive messages to young people effectively. This camp only opens to youth from 13 to 17 years old. The purpose of the activity is to allow young people to interact and learn from each other through group interaction, and provide them with a platform for unity, learning, and growth. Camp programmes include recreation games, concerts, Buddhist courses, group discussions, and game experience sharing.

Melaka Children Buddhist Camp

Initiated by the Melaka SLC, and jointly organised by Pusat Buddhisma Kemanusiaan Melaka, Bukit Beruang Buddhist Society, Malacca Buddhist Fellowship Circle, Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Macap Umboo Baru, Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Bodhi, and Persatuan Penganut Agama Buddha Kuala Sungai Baru, the purposes of this event are to
(1) Ensure sustainability in organising Buddhist learning camp for children.
(2) Unite and bring together the youth sections of joint organisations.
(3) Cultivate and lead more Buddhist youth in participating in Buddhism related works.
(4) Improve children's understanding of the authentic teachings of the Buddha.
To nurture more Buddhist youth leaders and provide an opportunity for Buddhist youth to demonstrate their ability in event planning and organising, effectively train the leadership for youth sections, as well as to unite and bring together youth sections of joint organisations, the joint organisations takes turn to undertake the position of camp leader, and other important positions will be held by members of youth section from other organisations
The Melaka SLC and joint organisations will also actively encourage young people to take part in planning and organising the Melaka Children Buddhist Camp, so that young people could experience the Dharma during the camp preparation. The SLC will also provide training courses to the committee members before the official establishment of the organising committee of the Melaka Children Buddhist Camp, and supervise their learning and growth until the end of the camp.

Position Name
Immediate Past Chairperson Yong Kuei Yoong
Chairperson Chong Zhao Jun
Vice Chairperson Tay Chi Siang
Loh Wen Jiun
Ng Kim Suai
Low Chun Chuan
Wong Kian Yong
Secretary Quek Chin Chye
Assistant Secretary Ng Ting Wai
Sau Jiuh Fang
Treasurer Pan Chuan Fong
Committee Members Chan Su Shan
Chan Weng Keng
Ong Yee Hong
Jonathan Teo Jia Quan
Chan Shu Hui
Loh Yih Ching
Tan Jia Yi
Address : ---
Contact Person : Chong Zhao Jun
Email : melaka@ybam.org.my
Facebook : YBAM Melaka