As a Buddhist organisation with forward-thinking and meeting the present needs, YBAM emphasised in its 5th Six Year Plan that YBAM will create a new chapter in welfare services – PELITA Guidance and Psychological Unit, to provide consultation service to the public.

Organ Donation Awareness Campaign

To raise the public’s awareness of organ donation and to influence the public attitude towards organ donation, YBAM hosted the Organ Donation Awareness Campaign under the guidance and assistance of the National Transplant Registry (NTR).

From the medical and religious perspective, encourage and promote events that can enhance public understanding of organ donation and regularly organise the Organ Donation Awareness Campaign throughout the country to encourage people to become organ donors.

Home First Aid Awareness Campaign

We should demonstrate the Lord Buddha’s spirit of relieving sentient beings from sufferings. YBAM is promoting home-based first aid skills to the public to equip them with the proper way to help others in need.

The purpose of this campaign is to develop Malaysians with basic first aid practices and skills so that we will be able to perform first aid treatment for various kinds of emergency that can happen at home. It focuses on promoting knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the correct steps to operate an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), bandaging technique, etc. Besides equipping the public with first aid knowledge, the campaign provides access to the advanced first aid courses.