In an era where information is readily available at fingertips, activities which are Buddhism look-alike, but are cults who self-proclaimed as the enlightened one often confuse the public, especially non-Buddhists, making it very hard to realise the true meaning and spirit of Dharma. Dharma propagation and Dharma education are definitely tasks Buddhist organisation cannot put aside. There can be many strategies and different approaches, where organising crowd-pleaser events make Buddhist organisation look not much different from other organisations, but when it comes to distinguishing feature and being the foundation work for ‘gaining insight into the Dharma’, Dharma talks and courses are at the core of Buddhist organisation activities.

YBAM is committed to inviting Venerables and laypersons either home or abroad, lecturing on different topics to promote the Buddha’s teaching. YBAM National Dharma Talk Series allows each State Liaison Committee to have a direct communication channel with member organisations of the respective state. Through the twice-a-year Dharma Talk Series, the State Liaison Committee facilitates and have good interaction with various member organisations in the state. Dharma Talk Series is one of the indispensable activities of Dharma education. Arrangement for series of Dharma propagation activities provided Buddhists at suburb opportunities to listen to the Dharma and meet genuine local Dharma practitioners.

The Dharma Propagation Committee actively promotes exchange meetings between Dharma propagation committee members in each region, so that the person in charge of member organisation understands the workflow of Dharma propagation preparation work at the national level. Through the exchange meeting, the committee has a further understanding of the requirement of Dharma talk topics for each state so as to work out Dharma talk topics that are suitable to the community and synced with contemporary issues.

In addition, the Dharma Propagation Committee plans thematic talks, conveying important messages related to contemporary Buddhism topics to member organisations. Besides passing on the Buddha’s teaching, thematic talks or seminars allow member organisations to have more in-depth study about Buddhism and cultivate talents for Dharma propagation. The committee organises annual ‘Advanced Dharma Study Camp’ and ‘Chanting and Meditation Retreat’ which are well received by many participants. The two events have a high reputation and are well attended, including foreign participants. The speaker lineup varies from domestic to international, presenting in-depth topics in simplification way which benefitted the participants.

No matter how time changes things, the work of Dharma education can never go slack. The Dharma Propagation Committee has always played a role in nurturing more people to learn the Dharma. The work can only be more efficient through the active cooperation of the Standing Committees and the State Liaison Committees.