Buddhist Family:

Master Taixu once stated in ‘The True Meaning of Life Buddhism’ that Buddhist devotees should introduce Buddhism to their families. Knowledge of Buddhism must be instilled into all descendants in the family, to cultivate faith and respect within them. Subsequently, the legacy of faith in Buddhism will be passed from one generation to the next, laying a solid foundation for Buddhism within a family. When Master Taixu promoted ‘Life Buddhism’, he proposed that ‘family’ is an important factor in the development of Buddhism.

Buddhist family will be the rallying point for the strength of Buddhism. The support of the Buddhist family is the spiritual force to inspire and aspire Buddhist workers so that Buddhists can participate in promoting religious affairs. The promotion of the Buddhist family can enhance and develop a ‘fellowship’ that is rare within an organisation or a community. The realisation of the Buddhist family not only capable of training the next generation systematically but also improve the quality of Buddhists through high-quality activities.

The Buddhist family has its very desirable way, but we must understand from the heart that promoting the idea of the Buddhist family is not achievable within one or two years. Even though our generation might not see the results, we should work hard for the next generation. ‘It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to bring up a generation of good men.’, education is about perpetual perseverance; continuous advocacy and constructing a system for implementation are the origins of the Buddhist family.

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The Melody of Truth & Beauty:

Dharma Propagation via Buddhist Hymns is a part of the effort by the YBAM Cultural Committee. Music is a bridge to connect with youth, and music with positive elements can build virtues and ethics within youth. For this reason, YBAM actively promotes the composition and sharing of Buddhist music and leads youth to learn Buddhism.

In 2000, YBAM released the album ‘The Melody of Truth and Beauty’. It was spotted by the Global Music upon release and was repackaged as part of the marketing strategy, injecting a stream of fresh style into the Chinese pop music scene at that time.

In 2002, YBAM published another album ‘The Origin under the Roof’. Some songs even became top on the music chart of the radio station, which has a significant influence on the development of the entire Buddhist community or Buddhist hymn through becoming a prestige brand.

Following in the footsteps of predecessors, the ‘Melody of Truth and Beauty’ team has toured the country since 2013. More than 25 talks and 8 large-scale concerts were held, and positive feedback has been received especially from the youth groups. Since 2016, more than 10 ‘The Melody of Truth and Beauty Buddhist Music Camp’ and Buddhist Concert Training Camp have been held throughout Malaysia, so that youth could pick up the skills of songwriting and music composition, and also how to organise their very own Buddhist music concert.

In 2018, the ‘Melody of Truth and Beauty’ team once again toured the country, organised 50 sharing sessions, and held the 2nd The Melody of Truth and Beauty Buddhist Hymns Composition Contest in 2019.

Continuous preparation and resource accumulation are all aimed to construct the upcoming brand. The long-awaited third album of ‘The Melody of Truth and Beauty’ will be officially launched in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of YBAM in 2020!