The Education Committee aims to train instructors for children’s Dharma classes and assist Member Organisations in setting up or re-opening children’s Dharma classes.

The responsibilities undertaken by the Education Committee include:

  1. Database
    1. National Children Dharma Class Database
      • Collect and analyse data on the status and attendee of children’s Dharma classes in Member Organisations.


  1. Medium
    1. Secondary and Primary Buddhist Textbooks and Teacher’s Guides
      • Provide opportunities for Secondary and Primary school students to learn the Dharma.
      • Provide teaching materials and teaching strategies to the Dharma Class instructors.
    2. Publication of Pictorial Journal
      • Provide supplementary teaching materials for the children’s Dharma classes, to have a happy learning experience. The content includes short stories, comics, etc.


  1. Training
    1. Children’s Dharma Class Instructor Training Programme
      • Train the Children Dharma Class instructors, provide teaching demonstration.
    2. National Education Forum
      • Boost up Children Dharma Class instructors’ perseverance and encourage them throughout the teaching process.
    3. Overseas Study Tour
      • Broaden Children Dharma Class instructors’ knowledge in teaching and provide the opportunity to exchange experiences with instructors from Taiwan.