Stepping into the new era, YBAM, a pioneer in building Malaysian Buddhism must keep pace with the current trend, making good use of Information Technology and new media in propagating the Dharma and related information. Standing 50 years in Malaysia, YBAM will continue to innovate with this era, building a sustainable flagship.


1. To create YBAM brand identity.

2. To harvest opportunities in attracting the new generation of youth.

3. To develop new media as tools for Dharma propagation.

New Media

New media refers to an environment where everything is some form of a medium, simply say, new media refers to an environment. New media covers all digitalised traditional media, internet media, mobile media, digital TV, electronic newspaper and magazine, etc. It is a new media form, developed from traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and television.

Wired Magazine defined new media as ‘Communications for all, by all’.


Information includes news, supply and demand, dynamic, technology, policy, review, opinion, and academic, far greater and wider when compared with the news. As an example, today’s news will no longer be news tomorrow, but today’s information may still play vital roles tomorrow. In the past, YBAM once formed the Information Technology Group, with this committee, it will further foster the concept.