Listed under the Registrar Of Youth (ROY), YBAM is currently the only national Buddhist organisation recognised by the government to represent Buddhist youth. Since YBAM belongs to both youth and religious-based organisation, it has been regularly invited by The Ministry of Youth & Sports as well as the Department of National Unity and Integration, to participate in activities, topical group discussions, and interfaith dialogue. YBAM joined the Malaysian Youth Council as a member organisation in 1971. Through participating in activities of the council, YBAM safeguarded the rights and interests of Buddhist youth, expressed the wishes of Buddhist youth, and conveyed the concern for social and current issues from the Buddhist perspective. YBAM provides a platform between the government and non-governmental organisations to help promote the agenda of national youth and unity, while the External Relations Committee (ERC) represents YBAM permanently and continuously, acting as the bridge of proactive participation and communication.

Besides, YBAM is also a member of the Eight Major Chinese Youth-based Organisations (EMCO) established in 2003. The eight members of the Chinese Youth League are The Federation of Clans and Guilds Youth Association of Malaysia (Belia Xiang Lian), Young Malaysians Movement (YMM), The United Youth Movement of Malaysia (GBBM), Malaysia Entrepreneurs Development Association (PUMM), Malaysian Youth Graduates Association (MYGA), Junior Chamber International (JCI) Kuala Lumpur, and Malaysian Christian Youth Association (MCYA). Through the cooperation alliance of the EMCO, YBAM and other Chinese youth-based organisations engaged in mutual observation and learning in the aspects of organisational management and activity models, and jointly established a platform for sharing resources, promoting exchanges between Chinese youth and encouraging youth to actively participate in youth organisations’ activities. In addition to EMCO, YBAM and Chinese Youth-based organisations, as well as media, will also co-organise events from time to time and be invited to attend events and exchanges.

YBAM often receives invitations from the government, non-governmental organisations, religious organisations, youth organisations, Chinese youth-based groups, and other domestic and foreign organisations, to attend different types of activities, including conferences, seminars, discussions, ceremonies, celebrations, entertainment, dinners, official events, visits, interfaith dialogues, inspections, youth exchange programmes, etc. Through participation in these activities, members of the ERC have the opportunity to communicate with people of different clans, religions, nationalities, fields, and organisations, gaining a deeper understanding of world trends and the development of current issues, and be exposed to different modes of thought, and subsequently expand their learning and social circles. The active participation of the ERC in this area also provides a platform for people who is not part of the Buddhist circle, to communicate with Buddhists and understand Buddhism.