1. To communicate the vision and values of YBAM.
  2. To provide technical consultation and assistance to Buddhist undergraduates.
  3. To gather the strength of Buddhist undergraduates to promote and participate in activities organised.


Scope of services:

  1. Financial
    1. To manage the fund of Buddhist undergraduate, and to seek financial assistance to support the activities of varsities’ Buddhist societies.


  1. Training
    1. To provide support, training, and consultation for the national activities of Buddhist undergraduates.
    2. To promote the National Buddhist Undergraduate Community Bodhi Seedlings Cultivation Project, National Buddhist Undergraduates Thinking Workshop, Private Intervarsity Buddhist Youth Camp.
    3. To provide Dharma speaker training to varsities’ Buddhist societies.
    4. To organise national/regional/individual university leadership training according to needs.
    5. To provide ‘Buddhist Undergraduates Leadership & Management Guide’.


  1. The Development of Buddhist Society
    1. To assist varsity in establishing Buddhist society.
    2. To provide suggestions on administration and activities to the varsity’s Buddhist society.
    3. To fight for the rights of varsity’s Buddhist society upon request.
  1. Networking
    1. To be the bridge connecting the varsity’s Buddhist society with the local Buddhist organisations.
    2. To introduce Buddhist practitioners from various fields to varsities’ Buddhist societies.
    3. To promote and manage BUMYWEB to achieve resources sharing
    4. To promote the ‘Varsity Freshmen’ project to engage and recruit new undergraduates in joining varsities’ Buddhist societies.
    5. To promote the ‘Buddhist Career Workshop’ to facilitate graduates in continuing Buddhism learning and practice.


  1. Social Awareness
    1. To increase the social awareness and community spirit among the Buddhist undergraduates.