On 2 September 1984, the then YBAM President Tan Gin Soon and the then General Secretary Leong Kok Hing convened 5 Buddhist organisations in Sabah at the Centre of K. K. Tzer Ying Sze Buddhist Temple preparatory committee (predecessor of K.K. Tzer Ying Buddhism Research Society) to set up the Sabah State Liaison Committee and held the first SLC executive committee meeting. The meeting elected the Chairman of the Maha Bodhi Society Tawau Preparatory Committee Ku Chiew Liang as the first Chairperson of Sabah SLC.

On 13 October 1984, the first Sabah SLC was officially sworn in at the Preparatory Committee Centre of Maha Bodhi Society Tawau, opening a new chapter for the Sabah Buddhist community. This also marked the beginning of Dharma Propagation in an organisational structure.

The establishment of the Sabah & Labuan SLC not only upholds YBAM's inherent ambitions but also promotes the quality and recognition of the Member Organisations at the interstate level. The SLC not only provides an interactive platform for the communication and exchange between Member Organisations but also serves as a consultation channel for mutual visits and current events.

From the 5 founding Member Organisations to a total of 17 Member Organisations today, this is not an easy task for the state of Sabah & Labuan and there are indeed blood, sweat and, tears along the way.

Position Name
Chairperson Tay Swee Yen
Immediate Past Chairperson Paul Chin Siang Kiong
Deputy Chairperson Chooi Kim Loong
Vice Chairperson Lam Siew Moi
Rebacca Ho Chin Shiu
Liaw Ching Fui
Lee Siew Pui
Chua Si Kian
Secretary Xaviera Yih
Assistant Secretary Tham Yen Fung
Tay Xu Cen
Treasurer Liew Su Mei
Auditor Tsao Ching Tin
Caroline Thien Chen Yin
Unit Coordinator
External Affairs Loh Sai Man
New Media Liew Qing Qiu
Committee Members Regina Tan Shien Hui
Kong Foo Kwok
Khor Hui Mei Valerie
Pang Pui Han
Liaw Vun Tsu
Chong How Kwee
Jack Lee Sang Soon
Wong Vui Yuen
Tai Siaw Fui
Chong Pau On
Lo Mei Ting
Chong Yee Kong
Datin Lim Siew Moi
Chong Yee Loeng
Wong Yuen Soon
Chin Lee San
Siow Wee Chiang
Ang Choi Ling
Lee Kong Meng
Address : 3rd Floor, No.3 , Lorong Kilang F, Kolombong 88450,Kota Kinabalu,Sabah
Contact Person : Tay Swee Yen
Email : sbl@ybam.org.my
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