YBAM Kedah State Liaison Committee was established in 1972, a great effort by the Late President Tan Ah Yee and others and was one of the earliest SLCs to be formed. At the early stage of establishment, it was composed of the only two groups in the state at that time, namely the Chinese Section and English Section of the Kedah Buddhist Association Youth Circle. Later, under the zealous promotion and encouragement of YBAM to form a Buddhist association in every town, this set off a wave of the establishment of Buddhist associations. Buddhist activities were also actively organised such as Dharma propagation activities, Dharma talks, Dharma classes, chanting, Dharma exploration, and Buddhist hymns classes. To date, there are 32 Member Organisations in Kedah. The Member Organisations and SLC work closely together to attain greater achievements.

Notable Activities

Kedah has ancient ruins and artifacts with a long Buddhist history as well as various Buddhist temples. People can learn about the historical and cultural development of Buddhism in Malaysia and Southeast Asia by visiting these historical sites. Besides, visitors can also experience the diversity of Buddhism in Malaysia. With these environmental and geographical advantages, Malaysia Dharma Experiential Learning Camp has become the key activity of Kedah SLC. Malaysia Dharma Experiential Learning Camp purposes are to let the tertiary students experience the wonderful joy of learning and practicing the Dharma through fun indoor and outdoor activities and to promote the Dharma.

Position Name
Chairperson Lim Kean Boon
Vice Chairperson Teh Xiang Wei
Ng Jia Wei
Teh Cin Han
Beh Tzuen Yuen
Secretary Tan Shu En
Assistant Secretary Khoo Wing Keat
Treasurer Tan Sian Khon
Committee Members Teoh Cherh Yun
Tai Zheng Yang
Low Ming Zhong
Address : 7, Lorong 21, Taman Patani Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Contact Person : Lim Kean Boon
Email : kedah@ybam.org.my
Facebook : YBAM Kedah