One of the development directions of YBAM 5th Six-Year Plan is to promote community engagement of Member Organisations, with the aim that they will be rejuvenated in the process. The Perak State Liaison Committee has been working hard in this direction and has assisted the organisations under its umbrella to achieve this objective.

Notable Activities

Wesak Day Children Colouring Contest

Member Organisations in Perak are having the problem of aging members and a limited number of young members. Some organisations may only have Wesak Day celebration in its yearly activities. YBAM has the responsibility to support its Member Organisations in encouraging the younger generations to learn the Dharma. Hence, the Perak SLC set up a small committee to assist the commencement of the Wesak Day Children Colouring Contest, to help retain young blood through this activity. The activity will gradually attract more people of all age groups to join the Buddhist fellowships and at the same time, it will also ensure the authentic teachings of the Buddha are propagated, and thus prolonging the Buddha Sasana.

Position Name
Chairperson Hng Hock Chuan (Jimmy)
Vice Chairperson Liew Hui San
Law Tik Kooi
Lim Shiau Mooi
Ng Chee Seong
Mok Jia Xi
Secretary Mun Suk Yong
Assistant Secretary Soong Jin Wen
Choo Chin Lee
Treasurer Ng Mei Chan
Assistant Treasurer Ng Wan Theng
Committee Members Cheng Guan Chuan
Chiang Xiao Wen
Foo Sze Mei
Hing Hua Choong
Khor Chee Wei
Kok Siew Tin
Lim Jing Rong
Lim Chui Venn
Ling Chee Shuen
Ling Chee Soon
Ng Mai Tiang
Ong Wee Zhien
Poh Choon Wei
Saw Gee Kwan
Siew Ching Yee
Tan Chuan Lim
Tan Kean Hong
Wong Chee Mun
Contact Person : Jimmy Hng
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