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Since the establishment of Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia (YBAM), YBAM has been playing a proactive role as the leading Buddhist youth organisation in Malaysia. Upholding the Buddha’s spirit of compassion, wisdom, and courage, YBAM hopes to propagate Dharma in this world and is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles to develop a society of wisdom, compassion, and gratitude.


Origin of ‘Auspicious Round Tea’

Taste Zen in tea. Buddhism and tea culture are inseparable. In conjunction with the auspicious month of May, YBAM cooperates with Purple Cane, carefully selecting raw tea for tea production of tea cake and launching ‘Auspicious Round Tea’ to promote Buddhism and tea culture while celebrating the complete Wesak together。

Raw leaves were harvested in spring from the Menghai tea growing region in Xishuangbanna of the Yunnan Province. The leaves were steam-pressed into tea cakes of 357gram each in traditional ways. Delicious to drink when fresh, the tea yields a golden infusion that promises a delightful aroma and pleasant finish.

As the fresh young tea develops its complexity in our dry Malaysian storage over time by way of natural maturation, it offers a cup that is not just velvet-smooth but also full of aroma only a well-aged Puer can offer. Great for a satisfying brew, it is also ideal for extended storage.


Brewing Hints

Break off a handful of tea leaves from the tea cake. Add tea leaves to brewing vessel until ¼ filled. Pour in fresh boiled water at 85°C-95°C and drain the tea infusion immediately. The first brew is not for drinking, the purpose is for unfurl and moisten tea leaves, it helps release the full flavour for a satisfying brew. For second brew, refill the brewing vessel with 85°C-95°C of fresh boiled water, infuse 30 to 40 seconds to extract the full flavour and serve.


Storage: Keep away from sunlight, heat, and moisture