3-year subscription offer for Eastern Horizon and Buddhist Digest (Printed edition)


Introducing a Special Offer: Combined Subscription for “Buddhist Digest” and “Eastern Horizon”

Discover a unique opportunity to delve into the enriching world of Buddhist literature with our special combined subscription offer for “Buddhist Digest” and “Eastern Horizon,” both esteemed publications by the Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia.

For over half a century, “Buddhist Digest” has been a beacon of wisdom, dedicated to the mission of “curating insightful articles to fortify the Dharma.” It serves as a bridge to introduce Buddhism to the wider audience, actively contributing to the propagation of Buddhist teachings through its writing and publishing endeavors.

The content of “Buddhist Digest” is meticulously curated from various Buddhist magazines and articles spanning China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Themes are thoughtfully tailored to resonate with everyday life, complemented by contributions from esteemed local writers.

Meanwhile, “Eastern Horizon” has garnered unwavering support from devout Buddhists in Malaysia and beyond. Rooted in a non-sectarian approach, this publication endeavors to uplift, motivate, and share the profound wisdom of Buddhism.

“Eastern Horizon” encompasses a diverse array of Eastern and Western Buddhist subjects, ranging from academia and meditation to culture, missionary work, leadership development, and the vibrant activities of Buddhist youth.


Current offers:

Discount for Three-year combined subscription printed edition, originally priced at RM147, now only RM100!

Discount for Three-year combined e-book version, originally priced at RM60, now only RM30!

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